Veering Off Course – Day 1

24 Jul

The first day wasn’t pretty, cute or moderately attractive.  It is true that when something goes astray – your day has the potential to spiral downward in the abyss of bad, mindless eating – hello Friday.   The day started fine – however,  out of town friends came over – which meant getting food  and drink to snack on.    Attempting to be “good” and not get my “box gone in one seating” foods, I opted to purchase ham and cheese, bread, hummus, and pita chips.  Not great, not horrible.  They, in turn, brought pastries – why GOD?  Of course, they are not the small dainty  pastries that you envision at a tea party surrounded by fine china, but rather the massive,  pastries that are purchased in your local New York/NJ diner.  Pastries with an attitude and personality, calling out to me when I pass them in the kitchen –  Cannolis and sugar rings, dipped in chocolate.  Two are now gone and they have to be at least 500 calories each.  I need to throw them away – but somehow I can’t manage to.

So what was the damage?  What goals didn’t I achieve.

Health:   Didn’t weigh myself. Didn’t work out because hubby was working (I was on kid patrol); Consumed 1 500 calorie monster cookie, 3 oreos, and yes, I ate after 8.  And I had one Diet Coke, because I was stressed…

Consistency: Made some progress here.  Went to bed with a dirty kitchen though.

Bad Habits/Special Projects:  Broke down and read gossip, didn’t touch pictures, and complained about someone.. Stop


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