Detour Continues – Day 2

25 Jul

Alas, I blame the balloons.

The day started fine.   English muffin with a little peanut butter and an Activia.  Before I review the day – let me digress and discuss my LOVE of Activia – specifically strawberry with fiber (vanilla with fiber – not so much).  It is a party in my mouth – made much better with the little grains of fiber.   I also like the fact that it is a little smaller than other yogurts (110) and relatively natural.   When I eat it I actually feel like I am having dessert – like a European.  Actually Europe typically treats yogurt like a dessert and they normally come in a size similar to Activia.  I wish we had the yogurt selection they had.  Sigh.

A nice little treat

Anyway – I couldn’t resist and I ate another 500 calorie cookie – which made me feel like I couldn’t have lunch – not a smart move.   My stupidity became much more clear later in the afternoon and evening when, with an empty stomach, we went to a Balloon festival (aka sauna).  Bringing a preschooler and a newborn into the blazing late afternoon heat was not my finest hour or two.  I had little appreciation for how hot it was, nor that shelter would be hard to fine and even shade could be illusive.  Very quickly I attempted to cool down the kids will such brilliant strategies, such as 1) put the cold water bottle behind their necks, on their arms and legs 2) Sprinkle cold water on their clothes 3) Force liquids down their throats as often as possible (this obviously is the most important) 4) Unbuttoned the newborn’s outfit and fanned air into it  and 5) Just sit in the shade until the balloons take off.  My fear of the heat became a little more acute when one of the festival employees, working a booth behind us, started getting heat exhaustion and almost collapsed – bringing an EMT, truck and cops to our area – which all told stories of the perils of hot weather.  And here I was with a two month old.  I think people thought I was nuts.  I agree with them.  Stupid.  So, was it worth it?  The hour and a half of sweltering heat, the lack of healthy food at the festival, sitting through an bikini-clad escape artist and two singalongs for kids while sitting on a hay bale, all for ten minutes of balloon ascension?  I am still deciding….  however, it was amazing to see the 50+ balloons take off and go merrily along their way.   The gentle rise  of a balloon take-off is something to behold and in sum,  it looks like a very colorful, air borne beaded necklace (with a lot of out of place, misshapen beads – yes, I am referring to the clown and Pepsi Can Balloons) as they drift into the sky.

So in an effort to be “good” all I had was half an Italian ice – which left me starving for dinner.  Dinner, consumed at 10 PM because we got home late, was Chinese.  While I didn’t have white rice (the silver or white lining of this tale), I consumed too much of it, coupled with two glasses of white wine and the filling of a cannoli.   My head is hanging low in shame for these last two.  I hope this is the end of my bad behavior.  Obviously, eating like this and not exercising is not going to cut it.  So, Sunday will be a better day.  I have decided that come Monday I need to get serious.  Which is going to translate into me posting pictures of my body weekly (god please give me strength), doing the Jullian Michael’s 30 Day Shred for 30 days straight, and working out for at least an hour every day.   In August, I have to start the full Tri 3 month training program.

Goals – what didn’t happen.

Weight/Health – Didn’t weigh myself and didn’t work out (husband was working and then the festival). Ate after 8, had processed food.  Didn’t write.   Kitchen wasn’t clean before bed and I checked the gossip websites – a ton yesterday.  Didn’t touch pictures/Spanish.

Highlights – Didn’t have a diet coke!  Resisted my daughter’s Mac and Cheese, Didn’t get ice cream at the festival – I think that is it.

I have to get serious from here on out – enough.

Weighing myself tomorrow will be a wake-up call and the pictures will be a horrific intervention.


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