Making Progress – Day 5

26 Jul

Today (Sunday) was pretty good – all things considered.   The weather was wondrous –  especially after the tropical heat we have had.   So today, instead of running, I opted to ride my bike – Amy.   Amy is a Giant Avail 2010.   She is cute too – white, with a little gray and light blue trim.  Here is a pic.

My Amy - Isn't she pretty?

Biking is truly an uplifting experience.  It is challenging – yet at the same time it allows you to appreciate your surroundings.  I find myself enjoying the scenery – the color of the sky, the flowers by the road, a roadside stand, signs…. you are present in the moment – physically and mentally.   Today’s ride was great.  The only problem was that my memory of riding (prior to pregnancy) was with me – leaving me surprised with how hard the climbs were and how awkward the bike felt with my new girth.   God bless the riders on the Tour de France.   Only when you ride do you begin to have an inkling of what they are going through.

Things that didn’t happen:

– I had a kids size ice cream…we had guests over and I was starving.   Beyond that I was good:) Happy Day.


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