The Land of So-So – Day 6

27 Jul

One pound less today – always good.  Yet – the reality is that we all have normal weight fluctuations and a pound is within that;  I am not breaking out the champagne yet (193, perhaps, 192 – now, we are in business).  It is amazing how little numbers can dictate happiness – money in our bank account, lbs on a scale.   I need to move beyond this.

Today was not a productive work day.  No writing for me.  Bad.  With my newborn in tow I have determined that I only have about 2 hours of so of productive, work related time.  The rest is devoted to feedings, diaper changes, cleaning, and all that jazz.    So today I elected to use that time and go see the movie SALT.  The verdict? Disappointing.   A pet peeve of mine is when I feel a movie is primarily being shown to lay the foundation for following sequels.  The ending, as you can imagine, didn’t satisfy. And Angelina does not look good as a blonde (oops, broke another of my rules).  Segway into the daily sins:

Had one Diet Coke – went out to eat (had a salad), hadn’t had a Diet Coke for a number of days.  Don’t feel to bad about this.   Had a small piece of cake (no frosting 200 calories), and a glass of wine.

Consistency and working were my bigger issues.   Gossip websites were frequented much too much; bed, floss, face, laundry, picking up, nothing much happened.

I also didn’t work out.  In my defense, I hurt my knee on the Sunday run.   This has never happened before.  I don’t know whether to blame my gait, the extra weight or the fact that my joints are probably still funky from giving birth.

Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow I can start fresh again.  This will be what I am muttering to myself when I go to sleep tonight.  A sleep aided by red wine:)


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