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Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter Snackdown!

30 Aug

I recently made a switch from Peanut Butter to Almond Butter.  It was a hard choice, involving many dirty spoons.  So – why switch?  Here is my strange and somewhat researched reasons. 

  • All the cool kids in blogo world like it – must be good.  Peer pressure works.
  • Cashew butter seems too decadent – almond butter seems to be the nice compromise.
  • Perhaps the biggest reason – I can’t control my peanut butter love.  Spoonful, after yummy spoonful is consumed.  PB is filling, yet nutritious.  Sweet, yet not too sweet.  Healthy, yet full of calories and fat.   It is a rather confusing love.    So – almond butter became my new nut of choice – my hope was that I would like it, but not too much….
  • Another minor (but important reason) to embrace almond butter is that it is better nutritionally.  This excerpt is from Runner’s World:

            ” Almond butter has about the same amount of total fat as peanut butter but almost twice the monounsaturated fat, which helps    maintain healthy cholesterol levels, says Leslie Bonci, R.D., director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that eating almond butter for four weeks reduced harmful LDL and raised HDL. Almond butter also packs more bone–building minerals like magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, and more vitamin E, says Bonci. “Plus, it has a sweeter taste and doesn’t seem as heavy as peanut butter.”

So far I have, somewhat, resisted the urge to go spoon diving into Almond butter – so, I think I made the right decision!

Do you like almond butter better than Peanut Butter – what brand do you eat?


The party is over and I’ve regressed….

30 Aug

My vacation is over.

Maternity leave is over and

work resumes tomorrow.  Good golly.    

I actually have much to share and will dole it out in short order, however, I just wanted to drop a quick post documenting my status – for better or for worse.

On a positive note, running an hour is no longer a big deal – I did it three times this week and have more fuel in my tank when I am done.  Thank goodness – I continue to see progress.  

My bad news:  I walked into a time machine and became 15 again.  Seriously, when one vacations/spends extended periods of time with ones parents you regress.  And regress I did.  I relived my childhood habits of not exercising, eating copious amounts of childhood snack foods that my parents purchased (i.e. Teddy Grahams,  crackers, chips) and drinking dark water (i.e. Diet Coke).   Yes, they drink diet coke like it is water.  Recently, my dad walked through my living room and something seemed “wrong.”  Then I realized it – he was holding a glass with some strange, clear exotic liquid in it (yes, water).  Not all was lost – I did have some vegetables, held the mayo on a sandwich, forced my son to give away candy bars he won at Bingo to other kids so we wouldn’t have them at home (mean mom), gave away my french fries, had one piece of pizza, and ….that is it I am afraid.   

So, why do we do it?  Am I alone?  Do we all fall back into old patterns/behaviors when we surround ourselves with specific situations/people?  In retrospect, I feel like I should have prepared myself more – acknowledged that my parents love to snack and I can’t do it this time, I need to bring alternative healthy snacks, etc.  The reality is – is that I am a grown up and have full responsibility for my actions.  In no way do I blame my parents for what I am putting in my mouth – however, spending time with them offers perspective as to why I am the way I am.  It also offers the reality of what may be if I continue to gain weight and live an unhealthy life – diabetes and cancer.

On Vacation

25 Aug

Sorry for not posting – on vacation. Camping with my parents, husband and kids.   I am bringing wine.  Lots of wine.  

Please come back on Monday, August 30th – where I will continue to regale you with stories of weight loss and training.

An hour run…..and finding hope:)

22 Aug

This is a short tale about finding hope.

Despite my best intentions, this blog really hasn’t spent much time documenting my efforts training for the full international length triathlon (Miami Man) that I have on November 14th.    Much of this I can attribute to my lack of consistent and positive workouts.  I simply haven’t been that serious about training.  And while some of this I can blame on procrastination, personal demons, and the allure of the BRAVO channel  – much of it I blame on circumstance and my personal situation.   My husband simply hasn’t been home to watch the kids and it has been hard getting a babysitter.   On a positive note – the tides are FINALLY changing.  My husband is on his last out-of-town trip and then, he is taking paternity leave.  Yes, he is staying home and taking care of the baby.   Besides (and most importantly) having great care for my newborn this also means that I will be able to train consistently and also make plans (his trips always change making planning for anything very hard). 

Lets get back to hope.  Lately, I have really questioned whether I could do the international tri.  The weight isn’t coming off quickly (not that I thought it would but a girl could  dream).  I also was (am) really struggling with running and biking (I haven’t even started to train for swimming).  To illustrate, I had gone, pre-pregnancy, from a slow ten minute a mile snail pace to a 11:20 minute earthworm pace; from running well over an hour to barely finishing thirty minutes.  My biking average has dropped from almost 20 miles an hour to 14.  Grim, Grim.  And then hope appeared unexpectedly at my doorstep today in the form of a glorious, wet run. 

My husband was leaving today (after being gone for the last three days).  I, of course, slept late. This left a small window to run.  And it was raining.  A lot.  When I started to run it was lightly “spitting.” At 5 minutes in it became tropical. It never stopped.  Little creeks of water on the street became roaring rivers, water lightly circling the edge of sewer grates became large whirlpools.   And I ran.  Sweet little puddles became the diving end of a pool and it was becoming increasingly difficult not to find a stretch of the street that wasn’t a pool.  And I continued to run.   The song Footloose somehow got stuck in my head,  a white Jeep sprayed me with a tidal wave of dirty street water  (I gave them a thumbs up opposed to a deserved middle finger – My sarcastic, “wet n wild” moment for the day), and a random, burly guy getting into this truck said as I passed, “You are hard-core. ”  My response to said, random man was – “apparently”.     Then it hit me – I am more committed to this that I give myself credit for.  If I am willing to run in this kind of weather, I really do want it – so I am going to fight for it.  

Moral of the story:  After an hour of consistent, non-stop, soaking wet running –  at the snail’s pace of 11-12 minute miles – it did, in fact, become apparent to me that I am (at least a little) hard-core.  This is my year of change.   And I am in better shape then I thought I was.  Bring on Miami Man.

Check out

21 Aug

Personal note first: Thank you! So many of you gave me motivating ideas – In the end, social shame (my parents walking into a dirty home) and public humiliation (the thought of me walking around naked because NONE of my prepreggers clothes fit) was enough to get me in the computer typing, folding clothes, dusting kinda mood.   Sadly, my attempts to get a babysitter (so I could work out) the last two days have failed.  Seriously, $12 dollars an hour isn’t enough?  My kids are pretty well behaved….come on!  Maybe I need to get premium channels or better snack food (shoot – that is it, no snack food in the house!)  Anyway….

In the process of reflecting, thinking about organizational methods and materials (Goodness, I love the Container Store) – I remembered   How could I forget her?  Years ago, my mother emailed the link and said that I should check out her website and information – it may help me.  And because it was from my mother and I was fresh out of graduate school I didn’t pay attention.  Times have changed. 

In a nutshell, she walks you through creating routines/habits that ultimately will lead you to an uncluttered life and mind.  And, its free information.  After I get back from vacation next week I shall be doing her month challenge/babystep program. And blogging about it.   Join me starting Sept. 1st!   In case you are wondering – I am far, far away from reaching coolio blogger status – where companies send me stuff and court my love.  This is unadultured product/service admiration.

Missing: Motivation and Maternity Leave

19 Aug

It is time for me to go back to work – ok, so August 31st is really the first day I physically have to be at work – however, I need to start preparing to go back, start projects, planning, etc.  And I have no motivation.  I mean none.  I can’t bring myself to open word documents or return work related emails,  I start cringing at the thought of meetings and get cranky thinking…well, about anything.    Unfortunately, this is starting to reach other aspects of my life.  My house is a disaster;  laundry piles can be found throughout the house and I am at the point now where I don’t know what is clean or dirty.  My eating hasn’t been great for the last two days (not horrible – I have fallen-off-the-wagon-bad, but not good). And I skipped a workout and had a crappy run today.  It ain’t pretty over here.  

The thing is, I don’t know what my problem is. I really haven’t been dwelling on anything (See Happiness challenge week 3).   In some respects, I am excited to get back to work;  excited to wear real clothes, make-up, talk to adults, and have my breasts covered for long stretches of time – you know the simple things:) . Yet, a big part of me just wants to stay home and clean it from top to bottom, organize it, all the while cooing with my cutie pie baby.  Oh yea, and train my heart out.   

So – how do  I find motivation?   How do you find motivation?

Do reading blogs inspire you?  

Does seeing exciting motivational work posters do it for you?

Oops, I mean…

 Your kids?

I need a little motivation right now:) Help!

Food “Warm Fuzzy”

18 Aug

Lately, I have come across some crazy “health” products in the grocery store.   One of my favorites is Skinny Water.  Apparently, there is some doubt out there that water could be fattening and unhealthy – so we need Skinny Water to fill the void and keep us away from all of those pesky “bad” waters.    Curse Poland Springs, Dasani, Evian!

 What crazy, pseudo “health” products have you seen?

And to brighten your eating day…. Often we get down on ourselves for not eating the “right” foods, having too many calories, or not integrating enough color into our meals – but it could be worse.  You could be eating this …. the fifty fattiest foods in the U.S. My favorite is the bacon wrapped meatloaf – silly Alabama.   

Have you had any of these foods?  (I have….empanadas are just so good.)