I suck.

1 Aug

I am not consistent.   Case in point – my blog.   I obviously haven’t written in a while because writing down that I had a ton of Oreos, pieces of cake, had some beer, didn’t work out, fell behind on my tri training wasn’t fun to document or share.

I am fed up with myself.    And yes, I’ll say it “I am sick and tired, of being sick and tired”.  I hate this battle with myself.  Making promises to do this, and that, eat this, not that and not following through.   Consistency, my dear, consistency is what I need.   I could make excuses for myself (newborn, husband out-of-town all of the time) to perhaps justify all of this – but enough.   My life is a cakewalk compared to most.  Ultimately, my behavior is evidence that I really don’t want to change –  I am not ready.    I need to flip the switch of determination/willpower.   So, where the hell is it?

Tomorrow is a new day – I am starting the 30 minute shred.  Husband is out-of-town so I am left to walk with the stroller and do the video.   Pics and Weigh In too – oh, joy….


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