Dr. Oz’s Happiness Challenge

3 Aug

If you read my About page or first post you know that this blog is about more than just losing weight;  It is about correcting some of my “issues” before I turn 35.   Nothing major – just small things that weigh us down.   As I was feeding the baby yesterday Dr. Oz was on talking about his happiness Challenge (check it out here: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/get-happier-28-days).    While some may think to themselves – you are either a happy person or you are not (and yes, there is truth to people having a “happy” personality) – I firmly believe that happiness is something that you can work on – akin to weight loss, consistency, etc.  So,  I think I will add this to the list of things I want to achieve for the month.  I don’t think it will be too much work.  Heck, what do you have to lose?

Here is the run down.

Week 1:  Keep a Daily Diary.  In essence,  simply document what makes you happy.  A lot of us don’t know this.   My short list is:  My kids and husband (of course), Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee, Diet Coke, Mint/Chocolate Ice Cream (from the local parlor),  finishing a run, riding my bike, cheese, pasta, USA television shows (Covert Affairs, Burn Notice, White Collar, Royal Pains),  Syfy – Mary Knows Best, Bravo’s (Housewives shows…I know….brain cells have been sacrificed).  I will continue to think about this as the week goes on.

Week 2:  Fake it tell you make it.  Plaster a smile to your face and project to the world that “I am happy” (even though you may not be).

Week 3: Create a Diversion.   When thinking about something bad/sad – move on.  Don’t dwell.  Do something else – walk, snap a hair band to stop your thinking, etc.

Week 4:  Random Acts of Kindness.  Do something nice for someone every day.  Feed the meter, open doors, bake some cookies.

I am happier just thinking about the challenge.


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