Mourning my ipod and Nike+

3 Aug

I just finished my run and it was my longest to date – 30 minutes (yea – insert happy dance).  However, my pace and how long I ran will remain a mystery.  Why, you ask? – well,  my iPod and with it, Nike+ is no more.  Yes, my iPod is sick.   I can see the songs – yet it won’t play and the images for the song aren’t there.    Why god, why…..  Looking at the silver lining – I realize that this was a nice wake up call/change of pace.  First, I can’t compete with an iPod so at some point I would need to train without it. Secondly, you forgot how nice it is to simply run with your thoughts and be more aware of the surroundings. You know, more conscious of the little children on bikes that you are scaring with your heavy breathing and blood-red face.  I kid (kinda) but it is nice to pay more attention to your surroundings and (in all seriousness) – a little safer.  That said – I need my iPod for training!  Help!

Getting back to the positive – I ran 30 minutes.  According to Runner’s World you shouldn’t increase your time more than 10%  a week.  So – lets see if I am on track.

Week 2: 33 min. Week 3: 36.5 Week 4: 40 Week 5: 44 Week 6: 48.5 Week 7:  53.5 Week 8: 59 Week 9: 65 Week 10: 71.5 Week 11: 78.5 Week 11: 86…

Ok, I’ll be good for MiamiMan.


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