Dealing with My Bagel Love

4 Aug

I adore, no lust for bagels – specifically bagels that are lightly toasted with copious amounts of butter on them.  So Yummy.  My bagel love grew after I moved to the New York Metro area – the home of great bagels.  No more Lenders Bagels for me, just give me authentic goodness!   Unfortunately,  bagels and dieting don’t make a good couple.    Yet, I know that for me to continue “dieting” – I need to be realistic.  I can’t restrict things I love.  So, my compromise is to order the mini-bagel!

Mini -Bagel - Less calories and still full of buttery, bready pleasure

Yes, it has butter.  I am not a saint.  And what is the best bagel pairing – iced coffee of course.  And yes there is milk and sugar in it.  Like I said, I am not a saint.

Ahh, bagels……

Other good news of the morning – I saw a NEW number of the scale.  My weight was 192.8.  Progress.


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