Resisting Temptation

4 Aug

I ate chocolate chips again…  Getting into cooking supplies is never good:)  In my tour ‘o weight loss blogs, all of us seem to berate ourselves for slipping up – listing all of our “bad” food choices – cookies, pizza, ice cream cake (oh my!).  Unfortunately,  we don’t celebrate when we resist temptations.

So, here is a list of the food I said “no” to today.  Granted, not all were flat rejections, I paused before I said no (then sighed).

-Cupcake with blue sprinkles

-Leftover Pizza

-A sandwich at Atlanta Bread Company  (I had a salad)


-A BIG bagel with sprinkles…

-Cheese Slices

When I view it like this – I am actually proud of myself/progress.  I am accomplishing more than what I think I am.


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