The Scale Isn’t Scary Anymore.

7 Aug

The scale has been a roller coaster this week – up down, up down…. One day was a glorious two lbs spike (up of course).   And the last two days, Richard, aka Dick, (my new name for the scale – its getting personal) has developed a sense of humor.  For example, I got on yesterday and it said 192.2.  My heart jumped for joy – wanting to have that warm fuzzy feeling again I reweighed myself again and…the weight changed to 193.2.  This morning I got on and 194.4.  Unacceptable Richard.  Tried again and again and 192.8.  Thank you very much Richard and good morning to you too.

It looks like I probably wont see my 191 goal weight number tomorrow. I remain hopeful.  This journey is opening up my eyes to how I eat and the role that exercise plays in it for me.    The truth is, I haven’t done much exercise the last two weeks.    My husband’s schedule, coupled with the baby has made it much harder.   This isn’t an excuse – but ultimately, I need to manage my time much better to be able to work out.   Also, when my 3 year old acting up, baby is crying, husband gone – I stress and eat at night.  While I haven’t gone crazy, I have snacked much more than what I wanted to and on processed food (Goldfish crackers and Chocolate chips/peanut butter).   I need to go back to my rules and stick with them – nothing after 8pm and no processed food!

The point of this post is that no longer am I living in ignorance of my weight; Waiting to weigh myself until I am pretty sure I have lost weight (only to find out I haven’t).   Because I weigh myself every morning I know that there will not be massive ups or downs – all I will see are small fluctuations down or yes, up.  The scale isn’t scary anymore.   I don’t always like what Richard is telling me – but the bite, burn, feeling of dread is, for the most part, gone.


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