Weighing more than your husband.

7 Aug

I weigh more than my husband.   When I was pregnant I knew this would happen – expected and was saddened by it.  However, he intensified this feeling when he decided to get serious about dieting around month 7.  So, when I was at my heaviest he was obsessing about losing weight.   Annoying is an understatement.  He would go on a trip and recount how little he ate, what great food choices he made, etc.  While I was happy he was losing (did I mention he was relatively thin – under 200lbs, 6’2 to begin with) – at the same time, my only counter was… well, I gained 4 lbs at the drs. visit and ate a great bowl of ice cream last night.    And while all of this was slightly frustrating, I chalked it up to – I am preggers and supposed to be big.  Almost three months later (post baby),  it is rather demoralizing that my husband weighs less now than my pre-pregnancy weight.  Does anyone else feel this way?


One Response to “Weighing more than your husband.”

  1. TheHealthyApron August 11, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    holy crap. I always told the hubs that when I eventually get pregnant, he had better be gaining with me! That’s super annoying that your hubs went on a DIET in your last final months of pregnancy! Talk about your picker upper. 😦

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