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Weighing Yourself Everyday or Once a Week?

4 Sep


The scale is starting to scare me again.  A while back I wrote this –  full of bravado and confidence.     I wish I was there again.  I think my eating has gotten worse, while my training is improving.   At present, I am trying to get back into the healthy eating mode after visits by my parents and inlaws and the big return to work (which has caused my night time stress eating to increase).    As a result, I haven’t weighed myself for most of the week – remembering how pleasant it was not to weigh myself during my vacation.    So, this has led me to rethink the question of,  should I weigh myself every day or once a week

Lets review the arguments and facts – shall we?

  • Programs like WW discourage you from weighing yourself everyday – finding that it was discouraging to folks (weight fluctuations)
  • If you see a weight loss you may be tempted to celebrate/overeat – not see a weight loss – overeat/binge. 
  • If you have an eating disorder weighing yourself everyday is not the way to go.   Individuals tend to fixate on the numbers.
  • “…A group of doctors who studied obese and overweight adults who were trying to lose weight as well as overweight adults who were trying to prevent weight gain found that those who weighed themselves more often lost more weight and prevented more weight gain over two years than those who weighed themselves less frequently. Contrary to the advice given in many popular weight loss regimens, this study suggests that at least some people can benefit from the accountability brought on by daily weigh-ins. Potential advantages of daily weighing include recognition of slow patterns of weight gain that may not be immediately apparent and the chance to modify lifestyle habits before the total weight gain becomes extreme and difficult to control” (Source)
  • Weighing yourself everyday allows you to learn about your body – how it reacts to certain foods, weight fluctuations throughout the week/month. 
  • Weighing yourself everyday allows you to see weight loss trends and provide an early incentive to change – before the week or month is up.
  • And as my husband says (over and over), “it [your weight] is the truth…if you don’t know it you are just lying to yourself”

In the end, I still am torn – however, am leaning towards going back to weighing myself everyday.  

What do you think – should you weigh yourself everyday or every week?


A new month!

2 Sep

I love new months – to me it symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh clean slate.  The perfectionist in me likes this – which is why at the start of every new work cycle I do things like purchase a new workbook/office supplies – hoping that their newness will somehow transfer over to my work ethic.   

Ode to a fresh start….I guess right now, I really want to vent about my frustrations with working out, my lack of weight loss, etc. – however, I get so tired of complaining.  And who really wants to be around a complainer?  I want to be a Tigger – not an Eeyore (fyi- check out the last lecture).  The last two weeks have been crazy – my parents were here, vacation, now my in-laws are here.  I guess it is unrealistic for me for expect to adhere to my training program/weight loss hopes under these circumstances.  Hence, my progress somewhat diminishing  – I am weighing myself less and processed foods have been sneaking in.  I need to turn this ship around.  

New course:  Need to closely follow training program.  I also need to write down my foods and then contact a dietitian – I sincerely feel like I should be losing more weight given then I am working out 4-5 times a week and breastfeeding everyday.    I am also going to start the flylady program tomorrow (a day late – sorry Danielle – darn in-laws).  Hopefully having control in my home will help out.   And I hope to write more meaningful blogs that are jammed packed with value:)

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter Snackdown!

30 Aug

I recently made a switch from Peanut Butter to Almond Butter.  It was a hard choice, involving many dirty spoons.  So – why switch?  Here is my strange and somewhat researched reasons. 

  • All the cool kids in blogo world like it – must be good.  Peer pressure works.
  • Cashew butter seems too decadent – almond butter seems to be the nice compromise.
  • Perhaps the biggest reason – I can’t control my peanut butter love.  Spoonful, after yummy spoonful is consumed.  PB is filling, yet nutritious.  Sweet, yet not too sweet.  Healthy, yet full of calories and fat.   It is a rather confusing love.    So – almond butter became my new nut of choice – my hope was that I would like it, but not too much….
  • Another minor (but important reason) to embrace almond butter is that it is better nutritionally.  This excerpt is from Runner’s World:

            ” Almond butter has about the same amount of total fat as peanut butter but almost twice the monounsaturated fat, which helps    maintain healthy cholesterol levels, says Leslie Bonci, R.D., director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that eating almond butter for four weeks reduced harmful LDL and raised HDL. Almond butter also packs more bone–building minerals like magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, and more vitamin E, says Bonci. “Plus, it has a sweeter taste and doesn’t seem as heavy as peanut butter.”

So far I have, somewhat, resisted the urge to go spoon diving into Almond butter – so, I think I made the right decision!

Do you like almond butter better than Peanut Butter – what brand do you eat?

Food “Warm Fuzzy”

18 Aug

Lately, I have come across some crazy “health” products in the grocery store.   One of my favorites is Skinny Water.  Apparently, there is some doubt out there that water could be fattening and unhealthy – so we need Skinny Water to fill the void and keep us away from all of those pesky “bad” waters.    Curse Poland Springs, Dasani, Evian!

 What crazy, pseudo “health” products have you seen?

And to brighten your eating day…. Often we get down on ourselves for not eating the “right” foods, having too many calories, or not integrating enough color into our meals – but it could be worse.  You could be eating this …. the fifty fattiest foods in the U.S. My favorite is the bacon wrapped meatloaf – silly Alabama.   

Have you had any of these foods?  (I have….empanadas are just so good.)


Celebrate the Farmer’s Market!

15 Aug

Vegetables have become my friend this year.  And their home is the Farmer’s Market.   Holly’s post yesterday reminded me that most (or at least, many) of us probably go to a local Farmer’s Market.  Our market is relatively new and I have grown to love it.  If there was ever a doubt whether to buy produce at a Farmer’s Market or a local grocery store – taste a tomato.  Seriously, the food tastes so much better – you realize that vegetables actually have so much flavor and it is often the same price or cheaper. 

 There is so much beauty at a Farmer’s Market.  Not only is it aesthetically pleasing – as you look down the aisle and see a vibrant rainbow of colors (red raspberries, green lettuce, purple eggplant), but there also is beauty in purchasing from the individual that actually cared for what you will soon be putting in your body.

So – Today lets celebrate the Farmer’s Market!   Post your pictures.

Tell us about your local Farmer’s Market.  What does it have?  What would be your ideal Farmer’s Market?

Lastly – what did you purchase?

Alas… It is time to put up or shut up.

9 Aug

So, my weight took a turn for the worse at the end of the week and so did my eating.  Although I don’t think I ate enough to gain the two pounds that I lost – the digits say otherwise.  This is leading me to rethink my ” no food journal” approach.  Originally, I had planned on having the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch. Dinner would be meat and veggies. And while I still want to do this – I need to recognize that there is more variety and my snacking needs to get under control.   I need to get under control.  This also includes working out.  I managed to fit in something most days.  However, it is not enough. I need to start brick workouts (two a day – biking and running, swimming and running).  I only have 3 months until the full triathlon.    If I was a betting woman, the odds aren’t good that I am going to make it.    And the overweight man on his mountain bike who passed me (overweight woman on my coolio Giant racing bike)  would agree.   Yea, that was painful.

Looking ahead for the week:   I will..

keep a food journal, not eat processed food, stop eating at 8, limit my carbs, start some brick workouts, and no alcohol.

My weight goal is simply to see the digit 191.  It can be 191.9 and I will be a happy camper.   Ideally, I would love, love, love to see 180 something by the end of the month (please god, please god).     Maternity leave is soon up – and I will be going back to work full time.  I really wanted to be (at least) at my pre-pregnancy weight by then.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.  Sigh.

Weighing more than your husband.

7 Aug

I weigh more than my husband.   When I was pregnant I knew this would happen – expected and was saddened by it.  However, he intensified this feeling when he decided to get serious about dieting around month 7.  So, when I was at my heaviest he was obsessing about losing weight.   Annoying is an understatement.  He would go on a trip and recount how little he ate, what great food choices he made, etc.  While I was happy he was losing (did I mention he was relatively thin – under 200lbs, 6’2 to begin with) – at the same time, my only counter was… well, I gained 4 lbs at the drs. visit and ate a great bowl of ice cream last night.    And while all of this was slightly frustrating, I chalked it up to – I am preggers and supposed to be big.  Almost three months later (post baby),  it is rather demoralizing that my husband weighs less now than my pre-pregnancy weight.  Does anyone else feel this way?