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My latest 5K race…BLAH!

9 Sep

Beware:  The following post is a little whiney and winey (I have two glasses in me….the shame…)

Today I ran……poorly.  Ok, so in all honesty my performance 33.45 (5K) is pretty much what I have always done at a 5K race, tri, etc.  Yet,  what concerns me is that it was hard.  It was only 3 miles – this is below my base run – however, it seemed to be a struggle.  To be frank, I also felt like a loser (I despise that word and hate thinking of others this way – yet it is the only thing that applies to me today).    Everyone was faster than me.   The race was advertised as a run/walk – yet where were the walkers to boost my self esteem?   I am really not that shallow – but seriously, I didn’t think I would be at the complete back of the pack.   I signed on for a reality check on my training and a reality check is certainly what I got.   For some reason I think I got cocky training – and elevated myself to the land of pretty, thin people that are able to get fast times of 8 and 9 minute miles.  I forget that I am still pretty overweight and a rather large person in this race – I still hold onto what I looked like a decade ago….What have I gotten myself into?  Why did I sign up for a full tri? I have such a long way to go.   To date, I have only concentrated on whether I could do it – could I do 22 miles on a bike (yes), 6.6 miles running (yes) – Speed, combining these components is not something I have spent a lot of time on – and I need to.  

Besides desperately needing to work on speed my other confession is I just started swimming this week (less than a month before my sprint tri) and two months before the full tri.     I live on a lake – directly on water – yet I couldn’t seem to get myself into the water.   I didn’t get in my lake water in July besides my dr. didn’t want me to – my c-section scar was healing and the lake is not a clean place.   And in August – it just seemed too “icky”.    After swimming twice this week (in the clean chlorinated pool at work)  – I realized – wow this is harder than I thought/remembered.   Which is the theme for the week I fear – it is harder than I thought.  

Enough of this pity party.   Tomorrow and here on out I will work on speed.   My new running partner will help with speed and my brick workouts will assist in endurance.   I hope:)

On another front – sorry I haven’t visited many of your blogs.  I am really struggling with going back to work, finding time to breathe, workout, feed my children and showering.    Yea, not pretty.   I even haven’t had time to respond to a fabulous award that mostly fit mom gave me.   That is on tomorrow’s to do list. 

Good night.


Check out

21 Aug

Personal note first: Thank you! So many of you gave me motivating ideas – In the end, social shame (my parents walking into a dirty home) and public humiliation (the thought of me walking around naked because NONE of my prepreggers clothes fit) was enough to get me in the computer typing, folding clothes, dusting kinda mood.   Sadly, my attempts to get a babysitter (so I could work out) the last two days have failed.  Seriously, $12 dollars an hour isn’t enough?  My kids are pretty well behaved….come on!  Maybe I need to get premium channels or better snack food (shoot – that is it, no snack food in the house!)  Anyway….

In the process of reflecting, thinking about organizational methods and materials (Goodness, I love the Container Store) – I remembered   How could I forget her?  Years ago, my mother emailed the link and said that I should check out her website and information – it may help me.  And because it was from my mother and I was fresh out of graduate school I didn’t pay attention.  Times have changed. 

In a nutshell, she walks you through creating routines/habits that ultimately will lead you to an uncluttered life and mind.  And, its free information.  After I get back from vacation next week I shall be doing her month challenge/babystep program. And blogging about it.   Join me starting Sept. 1st!   In case you are wondering – I am far, far away from reaching coolio blogger status – where companies send me stuff and court my love.  This is unadultured product/service admiration.

The Land of So-So – Day 6

27 Jul

One pound less today – always good.  Yet – the reality is that we all have normal weight fluctuations and a pound is within that;  I am not breaking out the champagne yet (193, perhaps, 192 – now, we are in business).  It is amazing how little numbers can dictate happiness – money in our bank account, lbs on a scale.   I need to move beyond this.

Today was not a productive work day.  No writing for me.  Bad.  With my newborn in tow I have determined that I only have about 2 hours of so of productive, work related time.  The rest is devoted to feedings, diaper changes, cleaning, and all that jazz.    So today I elected to use that time and go see the movie SALT.  The verdict? Disappointing.   A pet peeve of mine is when I feel a movie is primarily being shown to lay the foundation for following sequels.  The ending, as you can imagine, didn’t satisfy. And Angelina does not look good as a blonde (oops, broke another of my rules).  Segway into the daily sins:

Had one Diet Coke – went out to eat (had a salad), hadn’t had a Diet Coke for a number of days.  Don’t feel to bad about this.   Had a small piece of cake (no frosting 200 calories), and a glass of wine.

Consistency and working were my bigger issues.   Gossip websites were frequented much too much; bed, floss, face, laundry, picking up, nothing much happened.

I also didn’t work out.  In my defense, I hurt my knee on the Sunday run.   This has never happened before.  I don’t know whether to blame my gait, the extra weight or the fact that my joints are probably still funky from giving birth.

Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow I can start fresh again.  This will be what I am muttering to myself when I go to sleep tonight.  A sleep aided by red wine:)