Activia 14 Day Challenge

First, let me say that I adore the sweet, luscious, 110 calorie taste of Activia (strawberry with fiber).  It is truly worth every calorie – because in dieting you have to make every calorie count (don’t be wasteful).    I started consuming it because a friend of mine swore on it and then I ran across someone else that said the same thing…and what I can say, I bow down to both peer pressure and Jamie Lee Curtis (I love her – Ms. all natural, no photoshop – a great choice for a spokeswoman!).    So I did the Activia Challenge – (  FYI – you can actually sign up for it and receive a coupon of $1 off.   You can also check out the site for consumer testimonals. 

Apparently, “Clinical studies show that Activia, with Bifidus Regularis, helps with slow intestinal transit when enjoyed daily for 2 weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle” (Activia Website).

My results?  Mixed.  I don’t think I had a moment where I thought, “WOW I feel better – my poop is flowing, my life is good down there”.  In fact, I almost think I passed gas more and it may have been a little “smellier” (TMI I know…).      Yet, maybe going to the bathroom was easier – looking back (no pun intended).  Seriously, this is something that is really hard to know whether it is a success or not – the brilliance of their marketing scheme revealed…

So – What were your results?


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