Happiness Challenge

As I wrote here, I like the idea of working to find happiness and turned to Dr. Oz’s Happiness Challenge.   Below is my review (in process) of working towards Happiness;  A lofty goal, certainly not fully accomplished in a month, but why not?  How can you say no to happiness?

Week 1 (Completed): Document what makes you happy.  While I won’t bore you as to what makes me utterly happy.  The net, net is (obviously) family.  My husband when he comes home from a trip, my baby’s smile, my three-year old when he listens, diet coke (head bows in shame), ice cream….

Week 2 (completed):  Fake it tell you make it.  This is hard.  I am not a cheerleader, glass is half full kinda gal.  I tell it like it is.  I need to sugar coat more.  You think living in the South would have helped me (FYI – I lived in the South for 5 years).    I have, however, told people, everything is great when they ask.  And that is a start.   I also need to smile more.   I just purchased teeth whitener, perhaps this will motivate me:).  The final tally is – that pretending does work – yet I just feel awkward saying things are peachy when they are simply not.

Week 3 (Completed): Don’t dwell.  Overall it went fine.  Previous to this I used to dwell all the time – couldn’t go to sleep at night because I was reliving every conversation, email that I had/sent.  However, none of this happened this week.  Being sleep deprived and too busy with the kids also probably helped. 

Week 4 (Random Acts of Kindess – in progress):  I have really looked forward to this one – now, I just have to figure out how to be kind and random at the same time:)  I’ll post everything that I do.


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