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My latest 5K race…BLAH!

9 Sep

Beware:  The following post is a little whiney and winey (I have two glasses in me….the shame…)

Today I ran……poorly.  Ok, so in all honesty my performance 33.45 (5K) is pretty much what I have always done at a 5K race, tri, etc.  Yet,  what concerns me is that it was hard.  It was only 3 miles – this is below my base run – however, it seemed to be a struggle.  To be frank, I also felt like a loser (I despise that word and hate thinking of others this way – yet it is the only thing that applies to me today).    Everyone was faster than me.   The race was advertised as a run/walk – yet where were the walkers to boost my self esteem?   I am really not that shallow – but seriously, I didn’t think I would be at the complete back of the pack.   I signed on for a reality check on my training and a reality check is certainly what I got.   For some reason I think I got cocky training – and elevated myself to the land of pretty, thin people that are able to get fast times of 8 and 9 minute miles.  I forget that I am still pretty overweight and a rather large person in this race – I still hold onto what I looked like a decade ago….What have I gotten myself into?  Why did I sign up for a full tri? I have such a long way to go.   To date, I have only concentrated on whether I could do it – could I do 22 miles on a bike (yes), 6.6 miles running (yes) – Speed, combining these components is not something I have spent a lot of time on – and I need to.  

Besides desperately needing to work on speed my other confession is I just started swimming this week (less than a month before my sprint tri) and two months before the full tri.     I live on a lake – directly on water – yet I couldn’t seem to get myself into the water.   I didn’t get in my lake water in July besides my dr. didn’t want me to – my c-section scar was healing and the lake is not a clean place.   And in August – it just seemed too “icky”.    After swimming twice this week (in the clean chlorinated pool at work)  – I realized – wow this is harder than I thought/remembered.   Which is the theme for the week I fear – it is harder than I thought.  

Enough of this pity party.   Tomorrow and here on out I will work on speed.   My new running partner will help with speed and my brick workouts will assist in endurance.   I hope:)

On another front – sorry I haven’t visited many of your blogs.  I am really struggling with going back to work, finding time to breathe, workout, feed my children and showering.    Yea, not pretty.   I even haven’t had time to respond to a fabulous award that mostly fit mom gave me.   That is on tomorrow’s to do list. 

Good night.


Races Selected and Kiddies

14 Aug

I selected my races today – I have two 5Ks in September, a Sprint Tri the first weekend of Oct., and a 10K the last week of October.  It will be a busy Fall.  As soon as I shell out the money for registration it will all become a little more real.   Another dose of reality, just what I need. Sigh.

On the grateful front – my weight has seemed to move this week – despite it being a hard week for various and sundry reasons. However, I bought chocolate tonight.  It was not my finest grocery shopping trip.   I rationalized it with “it is mostly dark chocolate, that is good for me – right?  I’ll only have half…”. So far, so good.  Pray from my will power.  It needs your support. 

So, at my lowest points this week – my kids were hilarious.  I got an email with bad news and as I sat there, tears welling up – about to cry (work related), my 3 month old was smiling away at me from his bouncy chair and I had to laugh.  Again realizing this is really no big deal.  I have my family, my health.  

My three-year old also brings in the laughs. 

He didn’t want his toast with jelly today so he handed it to me and said, “mommy, you can have it.” 

I responded, “Honey, I am on a diet.  I don’t need it.”

His response, “It’s ok, it won’t die.”  

A nice reminder that “die” is the primary part of the word “diet…” Food for thought – or not:)

And in conclusion, to remind myself that I need to lose weight – my lovely 3 year old’s new “thing” is to squeeze me and say that I am “squishy”.  Yep, not cocky about my little weight loss this week.  It reinforces that I am also doing this for them.