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Back to Work and On the Move

2 Sep

Today it dawned on me – there is a perk to going back to work.  Weight loss….

Hear me out:   Life at home was divine.  I would sit on my brown, micro-suede couch, watch tv, breast feed, procrastinate on my computer, breastfeed, eat, breastfeed (you get the idea).   However, most of my activity involved me sitting on this bad boy:

  My behind and this couch have a very special, touching relationship – they are inseperable.  And while I would occasionally leave Mr. Brown (to run, bike and the like) – I would always quickly return to its safe soft landing pad.     Now, Mr. Brown and I have gotten a divorce –  I have moved on to this blue number:


We have a different relationship.  It is less a marriage and more a fleeting affair.  I am constantly coming and going, climbing stairs, running to the other side of the complex.  And yes, there certainly is enough time spent in blue – overall, they are relatively brief encounters.   

The other plus to working is that I can no longer graze.  I am livestock no more!  All I can eat is what is put in my trough lunchbox.   Just looking for the silver lining – where are you?

According to calorie count – I burn 1940 calories when I am sedentary, 2250 with light activity, 2510 with moderate activity and 2790 for heavy activity.   Maybe I will start to see some additional progress.  Fingers crossed.