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Confessions of the….Gross

5 Sep

Ok, I have something to confess.  And given that I am not catholic I only have the blogosphere to hear my sins.     I went to my work place gym last Friday (yea – going to the gym).   However, that meant that I had to open my locker (with stuff in it) – which hadn’t been opened for an entire year.   Yes, that is right….  head bows in shame…..

I didn’t open my gym locker for over a year!

My gym is at work (so I wasn’t paying a membership) and when I found out I was pregnant I simply stopped going.  Out of sight/out of mind.  Frankly, I was a little nervous to see what was in my locker because we also have a pool which I use.  So would my swimsuit/swimsuits be in the there?  Wet towels?  Soaking wet sports bra that is now utterly covered in mold contaminating the other contents of my locker and spreading to other lockers…. and then everyone in the locker room would be up in arms with the mystery girl who never comes?  What? (I really couldn’t remember what was in my locker).   Fortunately, it ended up being a lot less gross than I thought.    My swimsuit/towels/sports bra, etc were NOT there.  The only things that remained was my spare makeup bag (with a complete set of make-up), shampoo, conditioner, razor, flip flops, blow dryer and deo.    I think that my towel and swimsuit were left hanging up outside of the locker and simply thrown away along the way (which I totally deserved).   Bad locker room user. 

What gross fitness/health related confessions do you have?